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Employment and unemployment survey for 2010

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Indian Current Affairs summarizes some of the findings of this year’s survey by the Labour Bureau:

Employment and Unemployment Situation

Ø The labour force participation rate is estimated to be 359 persons per 1000 in the population.

Ø The worker population ratio (WPR) is estimated at 325 persons per 1000 persons.

Ø As per the usual principal status, the unemployment rate in the labour force is estimated to be 9.4 per cent.

Ø The survey results reveal that out of 1000 employed persons, 455 persons are employed in agriculture, forestry and fisheries group.

Ø Within the employed population, self employment is the dominant category. Out of 1000 persons employed, 439 persons are self employed.

Ø Among the self employed, 572 persons out of 1000 persons are employed in agriculture, forestry & fisheries group.

The aggregate rate of unemployment is now a shockingly high 9.4%!

The Hindu comments:

Disaggregated data make it evident that rural India should remain the focus of policymakers. It is home to 72.26 per cent of the country’s 238 million households, and 10.1 per cent of its labour force is unemployed, compared with 7.3 per cent in urban areas. The double-digit rural unemployment rate points to both an excess of labour that needs to be moved from agriculture and allied activities to manufacturing and services, and the declining role of the primary sector as an employment provider. In rural areas, agriculture continues to be the dominant employer (57 per cent), followed by construction (7.2 per cent), manufacturing (6.7 per cent), and community services (6.3 per cent). Although there is a case for strengthening well-conceived schemes guaranteeing minimum employment, they could at best be bridge solutions. Upgrading the skills of the rural workforce to enable it to match the requirements of the manufacturing and services sectors would provide more lasting results.


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December 22, 2010 at 4:24 pm

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