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The Barkha Dutt-Nira Radia tapes

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Here is an inside view of the formation of the present government after the last general elections. There is a vast gap between your tallied votes and the government that you get.

Corporate lobbyist Nira Radia’s first reported conversation with (NDTV senior leader editor and Padmashri) Barkha Dutt begins with a quick recap by Dutt of events since their previous conversation. Barkha Dutt has denied being a mediator between the DMK and the Congress. However, the repeated conversations indicate that Radia is getting enough results from Dutt to continue talking (it’s amazing how slow Dutt is on the uptake). The third conversation is especially interesting: the conversation is initiated by Dutt and she reports to Radia the results of a discussion with Congress party insiders. It is never clear what Dutt’s motives are.

This version of the tapes has abrupt breaks, which might mean that information is being selectively revealed (another copy available on YouTube has the same breaks). However, Dutt has not challenged the authenticity of the tapes. Days after the news broke, NDTV aired the following show:

Dutt reported on these developments in the news during the days when she was talking to Radia. She is being disingenuous when she says that it was an error of professional judgement that she did not talk about Radia in the news. All the editors in the conversation above point this out.

Listen to all 48 minutes of this, but then do go back to the original tapes to remind yourself of the actual conversations. That is the raw material, the material that Barkha Dutt says that the media should not touch (she herself has anchored a show based on sting tapes: possible bribing of witnesses). My opinion differs: we need the raw material as well as informed comments.

Follow up by listening to the later Tata-Radia tapes, that’s when the birds come home to roost.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

December 23, 2010 at 3:44 am

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