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Swindler’s list

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Tehelka reveals what we have all been waiting for, but not in all the detail we wanted:

It is almost two years since the German Government had passed on the names and bank account details of eighteen Indians who had stashed their alleged ill-gotten wealth in the LGT bank of Liechtenstein [sic], a well-known tax haven nation, 190 km from Munich, Germany.

TEHELKA has accessed 16 of the 18 names, of which we are putting out 15 right now. These names include individuals as well as trusts. At this point, we are putting out 15 names without disclosing details like their addresses, the businesses they are involved in and the total money they have stored away in Liechtenstein. Abiding by the basic journalistic principle of proving the accused an opportunity to present their side of story, TEHELKA has approached each of these individuals involved and is awaiting their response.

Once these individuals respond, we shall share the full details of who these people are and what they do. We shall also put out their responses. This, then, is the list.

1. Manoj Dhupelia

2. Rupal Dhupelia

3. Mohan Dhupelia

4. Hasmukh Gandhi

5. Chintan Gandhi

6. Dilip Mehta

7. Arun Mehta

8. Arun Kochar

9. Gunwanti Mehta

10. Rajnikant Mehta

11. Prabodh Mehta

12. Ashok Jaipuria

13. Raj Foundation

14. Urvashi Foundation

15. Ambrunova Trust

Feb 6, 2011

TOI tells us more about the list:

The Central government has served notices on 17 Indian nationals, including Mumbai’s well-known diamond traders, who are found to have allegedly stashed away money in secret bank accounts in Liechtenstein.

Stating this, finance minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters in Kolkata that the names of Indians having illicit accounts in Liechtenstein will officially be made public in court proceedings.

Most of individuals belong to known Mumbai-based diamond trading families and, sources say, include front-ranking names like Harshad Mehta and his brothers Dilip and Arun. Known for his links to a top politician from Maharashtra, Harshad also owns 12% stake in the Kochi IPL team.

The list sports another Mehta clan, also a well-known diamond trading family, who started Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital. The LGT account of Kirtilal Mehta, the family elder who died in early 90s, may have become non-operational. His children Prabodh and Rashmi also have accounts with the bank.

Manoj Dhupelia, Rupal Dhupelia and Mohan Dhupelia, who figure in the list, are believed to be from a business family in Kolkata that is into import-export.

The expose of the list has a mixed outcome for Congress. That it does not have anyone known for his links with Congress can be cited by the party to argue that it had no vested interest in keeping the identity of the foreign account holders under wraps. However, Opposition has seized upon media’s success in accessing the classified document to seek to ram home its point that the UPA regime is reluctant to release the names of the account holders.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

February 4, 2011 at 6:58 pm

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  1. Why you people find out wrongs in trusts, they are helping poor people also. if you don`t know how to earn money keep quiet. Don`t write as you wish. Your involvement is too much. Just mind your ownbusiness.

    M Srinivas

    February 11, 2013 at 8:28 am

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