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Some armymen not Adarsh

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The growing Adarsh building

The building that brought down a government

India Today reports:

An army court of inquiry (CoI) into Mumbai’s Adarsh Housing Society scam has indicted former chiefs Gen Deepak Kapoor and Gen N.C. Vij.

The CoI also indicted four lieutenant generals and three major generals. The officers indicted include Lt Gen G.S. Sihota, Lt Gen P.K. Rampal, Lt Gen Shantanu Choudhry, Lt Gen Tejinder Singh, Maj Gen Ram Kanwar Hooda, Maj Gen A.R. Kumar, Major Gen V.S. Yadav and Maj Gen Tej Kishen Kaul.

The CoI found the conduct of the officers blameworthy. It said that prima facie culpability had been exposed and it was now for the CBI to probe the matter.

The army submitted its CoI report to the defence ministry last week.

There is a long back-story available.


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