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HT carries a little story:

The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) asked on Thursday if any Indian agency was involved in the 1995 arms drop in Purulia in West Bengal, for which the Ananda Margis were blamed.

The CPI-M asked the central government to explain why it failed to act on the information given by the British intelligence.

“It should also explain how Kim Davy (escaped) from the Mumbai airport at that time. Further, the government has shown no urgency in getting Davy extradited from Denmark to stand trial. Was any central government agency complicit in the operation?

Why beat up the central government with a 15 year old mystery? Because of this sensational interview in ET:

My first question to you Niels Christian Nielsen, alias Kim Davy, Why are you choosing to speak out now?

Davy: I am under the danger of being extradited to India as a terrorist, I don’t feel I am a terrorist.

I will call you Kim Davy because you are known as Kim Davy across the country. Tell me who were these arms meant for and for what purpose, who commissioned this armsdrop?

Davy : The arms were meant for self-protection. It is my complete conviction that if I was tried in a court of law about the legality of dropping arms to protect people against state sponsored Communist terror, I would clear my name because it was legal defence against decades of murder, torture, rape by the CPI(M) in West Bengal.

Well I don’t know if everyone is going to buy that argument but tell me who sent you? My question to you was who commissioned this arms drop and were there any Indians involved?

Davy : Of course there were Indians involved. There were political forces at the centre.

Name the people, can you name the people?

Davy: I can tell you as much as RAW was informed by external forces and approved of the arms drop months in advance of the arms drop.

Which external forces?

Davy: The communication was between the British intelligence MI5 and RAW. There was a British ex-intelligence officer on board the plane. The Indian authorities knew the flight plan, the people on board, the cargo, the drop zone — everything was known well in advance and approved well in advance.

You are saying that the Indian government knew and authorised these arms drop over Indian territory by you?

Davy: I am saying that there were political forces in the centre in Delhi who saw it as an opportune way to further their political agenda. You must remember that we are talking ancient history here, but in 1988 centre introduced Presidential rule in Tripura after engaging in supplying arms to different rebel groups there. The same strategy was announced publicly in the beginning of the 90’s that there was a decision to introduce Presidential rule in West Bengal and therefore it was seen as a furthering of this agenda that arms were procured to protect local people.

29 April, 2011

HT reported the CBI’s answer to these claims:

CBI today dismissed claims of Purulia arms drop case accused Kim Davy that the clandestine work had the nod of “political forces” at the Centre to destabilise the then Left front Government of West Bengal, saying no such evidence has been found during its probe.

“During the investigation by CBI in the Purulia Arms Dropping Case, no evidence whatsoever came to light that any Government agency helped Neils Holck alias Kim Davy in his crime by way of commission or omission…No evidence of any Indian politician helping him in his escape came to light,” CBI spokesperson Dharini Mishra said in a statement.

The agency is making all efforts to bring him to India and face trial in a competent court here and Davy will have all the opportunity to put forth his version in the open court, the statement said.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

April 28, 2011 at 7:31 pm

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