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A comedy of terrors

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India handed over a list of 50 most wanted terrorists hiding in Pakistan to that country. Now it turns out that this list is a little more than complete. NDTV reports:

It seems there has been another goof-up by the Indian agencies in the list of 50 most-wanted fugitives that they sent to Pakistan.

NDTV has found another person on the 50 most-wanted fugitives list in India. This list, handed over to Pakistan, is already turning into a major embarrassment for the government after Wazhul Khan, was found to be living in Thane.

Feroz Abdul Rashid Khan, who is also on that list, is currently in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail. Khan in jail for his role in 1993 Mumbai blasts. Feroz’s name is number 24 on the list. He was arrested by the crime branch of the Mumbai Police in February 2010.

Sources in the Home Ministry have told NDTV that the CBI has written to the home ministry accepting its fault in the matter. It has said that although the accused was in their custody, it hadn’t removed his name from the Red Corner Notice list and had also forwarded the same to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Hindu reports:

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Wednesday admitted that it was a “genuine mistake” and “human error” that had crept in the list of “50 most wanted” fugitives that was given to Pakistan in March 2011. The list included the name of terror accused Wazhul Kamar Khan (mentioned as Khan Wazhul Kamar). He was later found to be living in a suburb of Mumbai.

Addressing journalists here, Mr. Chidambaram said the inclusion of Wazhul Kamar Khan in the list was a “genuine oversight” by the Mumbai Police and also a “lapse” on the part of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in not reflecting the information received by it while preparing the list in March 2011. The Minister’s admission of a “mistake” in the list of “most wanted” fugitives came a day after the goof-up was exposed in the media.

Now why should such things happen? The principle is “if you pay peanuts, you’ll hire monkeys”. Police pays are so low that competent people are often put off that as a career.

Why are pays so low? Government finances are leaky, and one scam can take away about 5% of the budget. Meanwhile, once profit-making government owned companies are hollowed out, often allegedly for personal gains. As our tax money is diverted into private pockets, all the public good that we should expect from the government becomes debased and unavailable. In the meanwhile this long-ongoing adharma has been named coalition dharma by the present government.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

May 19, 2011 at 3:55 pm

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