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Fast unto prime time

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With the rock-star status given to Anna Hazare when he went on a fast came questions about why others who try to highlight equally important political evils are ignored. The case of Irom Sharmila, on a fast for 11 years and force-fed in hospitals by successive governments, has become a rallying point in Manipur, but is steadfastly put out of mind in the rest of India. Now, after the farcical affair of Baba Ramdev, comes news of another unsuccessful activist on fast. Here is the report by IBN:

Swami Nigamanand of the Matra Sadan in Haridwar was fighting a lone battle against stone crushers and illegal mining on the [Ganga] river bank.

A month into the fast, Nigamanand’s condition deteriorated. He slipped into a coma and ironically shared the same ICU with Ramdev for two days at the Himalayan Hospital before he lost his battle with life.

It seems that there is no use fighting against land, construction and mining mafia. You can occassionally succeed in fights against the government, but never against these thugs.

June 15, 2011

Whistleblowers and activists are routinely murdered by criminal businessmen. Now it seems that the same fate could have fallen on Swami Nigamanand. IT reports:

Swami Nigamanand, who died unsung in a room next to Baba Ramdev’s in a hospital in Uttarakhand capital on Monday, could actually have been poisoned, a pathological test report has indicated.

Nigamanand, who too was on an indefinite hunger strike against mining in the Ganga basin, had been shifted from a government hospital in Haridwar to Dehradun’s premier institute on May 4. His blood sample was sent for an analysis to Delhi.

Headlines Today accessed Nigamanand’s pathology report which shows high toxin levels in Nigamanand’s body pointing to an organo-phosphate poisoning, meaning the presence of insecticide.

The report also establishes that the toxin was already present in Nigamanand’s blood when he was brought to Dehradun. He was admitted to Haridwar district government hospital on April 27.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

June 14, 2011 at 10:19 am

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