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Bilderberg: secret society

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The Bilderberg meeting of 2011

A typical photo of meetings of the secretive Bilderberg group is shown alongside, although Turkey’s Hurrieyt Daily News published the first videos of this year’s meeting in St. Moritz.
Expatica introduces the group:

The secretive Bilderberg Group of some 100 political and economic leaders, as well as aristocrats, will meet from Thursday in the chic Swiss ski station of St Moritz.

The exact location and date of the meeting has been shrouded in mystery. A spokesman from the Graubunden canton told AFP that it will take place at the mountain resort, but would not give details on the location, date and participants.

“We have taken special police measures to protect the personalities,” he said, adding however that the army has not been mobilised, unlike during the World Economic Forum, which gathers elites in nearby Davos annually.

While few official details have emerged about the Bilderberg meetings, which have been ongoing since 1954, they have been catalogued by opponents of the group.

On what has been claimed as the official website — which is impossible to verify as it gives no contact information — the group is described as “a small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which different viewpoints can be expressed and mutual understanding enhanced.”

“At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued,” it added.

But investigative journalist David Estulin contests these claims. In his book “The Real Story of Bilderberg” he noted that the group has become “a kind of shadow world government, which decides during these annual meetings how it will implement its plans.”

The group only publishes a list of participants afer a meeting is over. Last year, they included Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, Airbus chief executive Tom Enders, Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou and US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg.

The Guardian claims to have spotted Fu Ying, vice Foreign Minister of China, Marcus Agius, senior non-executive director on the BBC’s executive board and chairman of Barclays bank, Googleboss Eric Schmidt, Douglas Flint the head of HSBC, David Rockefeller of many interests, billionaire Alexei Mordashov, Keith Alexander the director of the NSA and head of United States Cyber Command and others. Some of this is also verified by the London Evening Standard.

The group is so secretive that its security allegedly beat up an Italian MP who tried to gatecrash. Swissinfo reports:

The Italian embassy in Bern has requested an enquiry into the expulsion of an Italian EU parliamentarian who tried to get into the secret Bilderberg conference.

According to a report by the Italian news agency, Ansa, on Saturday, the Italian foreign ministry has asked Switzerland to name those responsible.

The incident happened on Thursday when Mario Borghezio and another unnamed Italian citizen were stopped by employees of a private security service at the official entrance to the Suvretta House luxury hotel in the Swiss resort of St Moritz, where the conference is being held.

He showed his deputy’s card, but since he did not have an invitation the cantonal police were called. He was held at the police station before being expelled from the canton and forbidden to return until after the end of the conference on Sunday.

Ansa reported on Friday that the security agents had “laid violent hands” on the two men. One of them had suffered a nose bleed.

Is it true that the French anti-burqa laws imply that the Bilderbergers can’t meet in France?


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