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Should we bomb Pakistan?

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What do I share with people who call for India to bomb Pakistan each time there is a terrorist attack on India? It is the realization that if Pakistan is one source of our security problems, then the solution must involve that country.

TOI reports that the feeling that Paksitan is part of the problem is not just restricted to you and me:

Neither the investigative agencies nor the Government is willing to name likely suspects behind the July 13 “coordinated blasts” in Mumbai. But Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has hinted to Express that “local terror modules” funded from “across the border” could behind the blasts.

Asked why the Government and probe agencies were desisting from making public such indications of “cross-border involvement”, Chavan said “it was not for him to do the talking.” He also tried to deny that it could be a conscious decision not to queer the pitch before the upcoming Indo-Pak foreign minister-level talks.

That bombing Pakistan is not a solution is recognized by a very large section of the public. ET dismissed this option in a brief para:

Following the Mumbai bomb blasts , there are many who believe military action against Pakistan would be a fitting response from India. While this may sound muscular and macho, it would actually be ill-advised.

Both are nuclear weapons states and going to war is therefore an option to be thought of only in the most extreme situation. It would also portray India as an irresponsible state globally, getting bracketed with Pakistan , something we surely do not need.

Warm fuzzy feelings like these, reported by Deccan Herald will eventually help, but they are not going to help stop terror attacks immediately:

Raising slogans promising support to each other against terrorism, several Indian and Pakistani citizens Saturday gathered near Rajghat here and formed a human chain to protest the July 13 Mumbai blasts that left at least 19 people dead and injured 130.

The event was organised by various NGOs from both sides of the border. Holding posters and flowers, those gathered raised slogans like “Atankwad ho barbad, humari dosti zindabad” (Terrorism should be destroyed, long live our friendship).

So what is left? Surely nothing but the long, plodding, and much maligned Indo-Pak dialogue. This time it helps that the influence of the army and ISI in Pakistan is a little weaker after the US operation in Abbottabad revealed their complicity in terrorism.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

July 17, 2011 at 6:55 am

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