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ET on AI

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ET dresses up an opinion piece with one line of news, the following:

Rohit Nandan, who was appointed chairman and managing director, late last night, inherits a poisoned chalice.

Even that sentence is 25% opinion. The piece starts with the story:

A few days after Russi Mody became the Air India chairman in 1993, he called a meeting of the airline’s top brass and union leaders at the airline’s towering headquarters in Mumbai’s Nariman Point.

The veteran Tata executive presented his ambitious plan for transforming the national carrier into the world’s best airline. “He was so charged up and wanted to do so many things for the airline,” a AI union leader who attended the meeting recalled.

One year into the job, the man who had braved several obstacles and fought several battles in the private sector, had quit in disgust. His grand plans for the airline scuttled by bureaucratic red-tape and government intervention. In remarks made later, Mody criticized the lack of talent and the complete absence of an incentive and accountability culture. “There is no punishment, no reward, no participation and the horse and the donkey are treated alike,” he told website rediff.com.

Sure, Air India is a mess. But one can’t change this by turning a daily newspaper into a magazine. That’s another mess the media is making of things.


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August 13, 2011 at 4:03 am

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