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TOI reports:

The Reserve Bank of India’s … office in Nagpur, which is supposed to supply currency notes to banks in Chhattisgarh, has been airlifting the consignment to this trouble-torn state since about a year. The aircraft for the purpose is supplied by Chhattisgarh Government.

RBI felt this was a smart move to avoid Naxals who may be lurking to loot the cash on the ground. However, the exercise is actually quite silly and a waste of public money. The aircraft flies the notes from Nagpur to Chhattisgarh capital Raipur or, at the most, to Jagdalpur, which is also a town well-connected with a highway.

Up to this point there is hardly any danger from Naxals. From there, the notes are transported to the bank branches in interior Bastar region where the real Naxal strongholds are. But this part is being done by road as has always been the case. The cash is carried in guarded vehicles.

One hopes, one really hopes, that the RBI’s plan to tackle inflation is better thought out.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

October 11, 2011 at 4:33 pm

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