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Climate talks slipping towards failure

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Bloomberg reports on the failure of the Durban talks in a roundabout way:

The world’s three biggest polluters joined in opposing a European Union proposal for talks aimed at drawing up a new climate treaty, dimming the chances of extending the Kyoto Protocol limiting greenhouse gases.

India, along with the U.S. and China are united in opposing the EU’s timeline to a new deal. The 27-nation bloc that’s done the most to limit carbon dioxide fumes since Kyoto was signed in 1997, said it wouldn’t agree to more limits unless a treaty is signed by 2015 and in force by 2020.

Japan, Russia and Canada all reject new commitments under Kyoto because it covers less than a third of global emissions. The U.S. never ratified the deal, and developing countries including India and China don’t have binding targets.

The opposing positions may torpedo the chance of a deal on Dec. 9 when two weeks of talks in Durban finish. The EU has called its “road map” proposal a “red line” issue.

As hundreds of protesters demanding action on global warming marched down to Durban’s beach-front promenade, the UN released two documents spanning 143 pages that chart possible measures nations will take to boost flows of climate aid, step up efforts to cut greenhouse gases, share emissions-cutting technology and protect forests.

The text includes four short options spanning half a page that address one of the thorniest topics: the legal nature of any future agreement.

The document includes proposed conclusions from the Long Term Cooperative Action track of the UN climate talks, a process that envisions a treaty outside the Kyoto structure. Many provisions in the text depend on the future of the Kyoto Protocol, the subject of a separate track of discussions.

Quite disingeuously, the US, which broke the Kyoto accord, blames India and China, when the world would gain more by a 10% cut by the US than by a 100% cut by India. Actually the developing nations have also agreed to cut emissions provided the Kyoto protocol is extended.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

December 4, 2011 at 5:06 pm

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