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Questions for Mr. Katju

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TOI quotes “Press Council chief Markandey Katju”:

In a statement, Katju said attributed this obsession with Rushdie to a colonial inferiority complex. “Salman Rushdie dominated the Jaipur Literature Festival…I have read some of Rushdie’s works and am of the opinion that he is a poor writer, and but for ‘Satanic Verses’ would have remained largely unknown. Even ‘Midnight’s Children’ is hardly great literature,” Katju said.

Mr. Katju, do you think “but for ‘Satanic Verses’ [Rushdie] would have remained largely unknown” because ‘Satanic Verses’ is a great book, or because of the controversy attached to it? In either case, have you read the book which you are criticising (or praising)? About ‘Midnight’s Children’, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but what makes it a normative opinion? Would you defend my right to have a different opinion?

The same newspaper article goes on to quote further:

He added that the “whole problem with the so-called educated Indians of today is that they still suffer from the colonial inferiority complex. So whoever lives in London and New York must be a great writer, while writers living in India are inferior.”

Mr. Katju, when you say “whole problem” do you really mean there are essentially no other problems whatsoever with the people whom you call “so-called educated Indians”? In either case, do you think that more or less all of them suffer wholly and completely from this single problem? Would you defend my right to differ from you?


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

January 26, 2012 at 7:26 pm

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