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Elections in Punjab and Uttarakhand

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After the round of state elections in Manipur, it was Punjab and Uttarakhand. ET reports:

Round-II of the Congress-NDA matchup concluded in Punjab and Uttarakhand on Monday where 77% and 70%, polling, respectively, were recorded. The percentage would be revised upwards when the final tally would be available.

The ruling side at the Centre will be looking forward to decisive victories to ward off the impression of a stalemate at the Centre and give the core of the UPA the momentum to face future challenges.

An anti-incumbency landslide – something that was talked about when polls were announced – looked bit of a stretch. Thanks to some aggressive and determined campaigning, the Akali Dal-BJP combine in Punjab and BJP in Uttarakhand narrowed the gap with Congress as the race entered its last lap.

While Congress was hoping for an undercurrent of an aggregate dissatisfaction with the ruling governments to return it to power in the two states, the NDA was hoping for the perceived national mood against Congress to overshadow its negatives. The two states account for 11 Rajya Sabha seats that will come up for grabs later this year. An impressive performance in these states will help Congress bridge its numerical deficit in the Upper House, providing it greater elbow room to push policies.

Large voter turnouts are usually mean dissatisfaction with the government, and a change of order. Is that what we are in for?


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

January 31, 2012 at 4:53 am

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