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Plans for Maharashtra

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A few days ago Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan told NDTV about his plans:

The CM has too much executive power, often more than the PM himself! One signature and major projects come through. I wanted to slow down the process, study it deeply, understand where the resistance comes in, who are the interest groups, what is their modus operandi, before I began my work.

It would have been easy to come in and announce a whole lot of flashy schemes, but that is not my style. I wanted to proceed with a very sure hand and deep understanding. I am ready now.

I’m focussing on transportation, water and housing. Of course, the rest is going on: education, waste management, the Dharavi project has been kick started, the mill land housing has been cleared and a hi-tech statewide land survey is under process (the last was carried out in 1920!) that will go a long way in reforming property rights and titles.

But transportation is a key focus and the coastal ring road will go a long way in solving the city’s traffic problems. Every city needs an outer ring road. London has five, Delhi has two. It’s an iconic project, which will connect Cuffe Parade to Kandivli by reclaiming land. An eminent panel of experts under Subodh Kumar has submitted its report, which I’m taking to Delhi. Also the metro and monorail and the Trans Harbour link that will connect the hinterland are underway.

Any city that wants to plan for the future must ensure sustainable water supply. And for that we are proposing an interstate river linking project between the Daman-Ganga and Pinjar rivers, a 5,000 crore project which will provide Mumbai with huge water supplies for future growth.

Of course, what I am doing in the housing sector is quite well known. Schemes to bring in good governance, regulation and transparency in the real estate industry have already brought prices down, brought relief to home owners and sent out a message that we have zero tolerance for corruption and rule bending.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

February 24, 2012 at 3:41 am

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