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The economy

IBN Live commented on the Prime Minister’s independence day speech:

In one of his most uninspiring speeches, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday admitted that low growth and inflation posed a major challenge and also offered little cheer when he said a bad monsoon would pose difficulty in curbing inflation. He conceded that his government had been unable to create a conducive environment for growth because of lack of political consensus. Singh also did not mention Pakistan even once in his 35 minute long speech.

War and peace

HT reports on Independence Day:

A Hindustan Times-C fore survey of 5,068 adults across 13 state capitals shows that a majority of people between the ages of 18 and 35 want India to become an expansionist superpower like China or a pro-US capitalist country.

India does not produce advanced weapons systems, not even army trucks. In fact, TOI reported:

India, which has emerged as a major importer of American military hardware, is verifying reports about “faulty spare parts made in China” being used in defence equipment sold by the US to other countries.


After the debacle of the Olympics hockey, TOI interviewed Michael Nobbs, the Indian hockey coach:

TOI: This is India’s worst-ever show at the Olympics…

Nobbs: Really? I think not being at the Olympics at all was worse.

The Hindu writes:

India’s No. 10 international ranking itself was a clear indication that they were never in medal contention at the Olympic Games here, but it was hard to believe that they would fail to win a single match, finishing at the bottom of the table.

Unity in diversity

ABC reports that Olympic medallist Mary Kom’s state is not exactly happy and peaceful:

There have been a series of bomb blasts in the remote north-eastern Indian state of Manipur.

Four people were seriously injured when at least three bombs were detonated near an independence day parade in Manipur’s capital, Imphal.

There have been reports of other bomb attacks across the province.

Power to the people

Hindu Business Line reported the latest from West Bengal:

At Belpahari, while the Chief Minister was telling the crowd (as reported) “on how Maoists entering Belpahari from Jharkhand and Odisha were trying to scupper the Government’s development plans in Jangalmahal,” a man sitting in the front row stood up, pointed a finger at the Chief Minister, and charged her thus: “You are making false promises. You know well that your promises will never be fulfilled. Why are you lying to poor people like us.”

Reportedly, Banerjee turned furious, and pointing a finger at the man shouted into the microphone: “Catch him immediately. I have information that four-five Maoists are present at the meeting venue. They are trying to create disturbance.”

After the man was led away by the police, the Chief Minister turned to the crowd and said: “Did you see how I caught one of them red-handed? I know them.”

Reports appearing on August 9 on the incident said that the police later freed the man — mistakenly identified as Duryodhan Mahato (his real name being Shiladitya Chowdhury) — as they found nothing incriminating about him.

Forget all your troubles and your strife

HT points out the silver lining:

India is proudly celebrating her 65th Independence Day today.

In these sixty five years, India has reached out at numerous levels, with the Indian film industry, popularly known as Bollywood, becoming one of the most successful film industries in the world.

Our celebrities are everywhere, from fashion events to charity balls, from Hollywood to the Olympics – our desi celebs dawn their avatars with style and panache.

I didn’t quite unederstand that last clause, but I don’t think that matters. Happy independence day.


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

August 15, 2012 at 11:06 am

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