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Whose city is it? Whose nation is it?

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A government which could not prevent corruption in its own cabinet, and could not assure safety to its own citizens, now excludes the people from the capital city. Washington Post reports:

Authorities shut down roads in the heart of India’s capital on Monday to put an end to a week of demonstrations against the brutal gang-rape of a woman on a moving bus.

Thousands of armed police and paramilitary troops blocked roads in central New Delhi to prevent protesters from marching to the presidential palace. A small group of demonstrators gathered at a venue about a kilometer (less than a mile) away from India’s parliament to press the government to ensure the security of women in the city.

The city ground to a halt as commuters found themselves caught in massive traffic jams after most roads in central Delhi were barricaded by police.

This was not even an anti-government protest to begin with: just a demand for safety from rape in a city where a case of rape is registered every 18 hours. It would do well for the government and its arms to remember that the constitution guarantees that people reign, not their elected representatives. The parliament belongs to the people, does it not? The police are employees of the people, aren’t they? The government gets its legitimacy from the people of India, doesn’t it?


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

December 24, 2012 at 8:22 am

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