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Innumeracy raises its hydra head.

TOI calculates:

Shakuntala Devi, known for her mathematical prowess and the ability to compute complex equations mentally, died at Bangalore Hospital at 8:15am on Sunday, age 73.

IBN reports:

Mathematical genius Shakuntala Devi, nicknamed as “human computer” for her ability to make complex mental calculations, died at a hospital here on Sunday following respiratory problems. She was 80.

The TOI elsewhere writes:

Astrologer Shakuntala Devi, who was dubbed “human computer” for her swift numerical calculation abilities, passed away here on Sunday after brief illness. She was 83 and is survived by a daughter.

DNA avoids complicated rocket science like subtraction and tells us:

The maths prodigy who was born on November 4, 1939 in a poor family could not get good formal education, but Shakuntala’s genius defied all the conventional norms of attaining knowledge.

If there is irony here, the soul of the Indian media is not tuned to it.


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April 22, 2013 at 6:02 am

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