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The outline of a coming campaign

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Z news gives a minute-by-minute account of Narendra Modi’s election speech in Delhi. It is interesting to step back and see what the next election campaign promises to become:

  • 63 minutes: length of actual speech
  • 2 minutes: crowd interruptions
  • 6 minutes: generalities and incidentals
  • 16 minutes: on Sheila Dikshit
  • 19 minutes: on UPA government
  • 14 minutes: on Manmohan Singh, Gandhi family
  • 6 minutes: campaign promises

It seems that the campaign will be exactly what we expected: an anti-incumbency vote, based on the massive corruptions in the government.

According to the same Z-news report, Modi made the following promises:

1.39 pm: For me the govt has one religion — nation first, India first. The only holy book for govt is Constitution of India.

1.36 pm: Let us affirm that no elderly is troubled, poor have food to eat, they have houses, tribal communities get education opportunities.

HT is also unable to report more on what the BJP aims to deliver:

At his first rally in Delhi since becoming the party’s face for the elections, Modi gave out the slogan, ‘Nation First, India First’ in response to the demand to declare the BJP’s plank. He also announced that the BJP’s new slogan would be “saab ke saath and saab ke vikas” (With all, and for everyone’s development.)

OneIndia had a hard look at Modi’s speech and had only a question mark about the alternative vision which was laid out:

Fourthly, Modi hinted at a vision for the next decade by speaking on India’s 75 years of independence in 2022. He said that one dreams that the poor people of the country will have a proper home when the nation completes 75 years of independence. By outlining a soft vision for the next nine years, did Modi hint at how he would take up the task provided he gets a taste of power?

Firstpost also looks for the actual promises:

Trust me, he pleads. “The BJP and Narendra Modi will never betray your trust,. We will live for your dreams, we will work for your dreams, and if the need arises we will give ourselves up for your dreams.”


Written by Arhopala Bazaloides

September 30, 2013 at 4:08 am

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