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Have you had this feeling of deja vu before?

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10 headlines today:

  1. Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar: Fairytale journey for one and dream win for the other at CL T20– old cricketers never fade away, they keep retiring over and over again
  2. Shah Rukh Khan’s strategist defends his JK Rowling ‘inspired’ speech– Bollywood plagiarises is inspired by others
  3. Besharam: Senseless and disastrous– Bollywood copies from is inspired by the tired ghosts of other Bollywood movies
  4. Jayanthi Natarajan slams Narendra Modi– politicians call each other names
  5. BJP claims Nitish sabotaging Modi rally in Patna– politicians accuse each other of trying to be sneakier
  6. Am using Italian so Centre understands, Chandrababu Naidu targets Sonia Gandhi– politicians past their sell-by date attempt comebacks by climbing bandwagons
  7. Fresh sexual assault complaints against Asaram– godmen are, well, bad men
  8. India Successfully Test-Fires Prithivi-II Missile– India has the world’s most well-tested missile
  9. Samsung Galaxy Gear adverts show smartwatch as fictional gadget that’s come to life– newspapers pass off advertisements as news
  10. RBI to relax norms for forex futures after rupee stabilizes– everything will be better after the rupee stabilizes

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